“Home of Dusty”


Let me tell you how “Dusty” got her name…

“Dusty” has cleaned many, many homes and she has a few facts to share with you.

“Dusty” Facts:

Even though you have removed the visible dust from your home, there are still tiny organisms called dust mites that live all over your home.

Dust mites are the most common cause of allergic rhinitis; followed by pet allergies, mold allergies, mildew allergies, tobacco smoke allergies and pollen allergies.

Did you know that one gram of dust may contain as much as 250,000 dust mite feces? This is the waste product of the dust mites and when inhaled makes your sinuses inflamed.

“Dusty” insists on only using a “swiffer”.  ”Swiffers” trap dust particles, locks them in and hauls them off, including the dust mites. Then “Dusty” will use her pre-treated micro fiber towel for polishing wood.

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