“Home of Squeaky”

“Home of Squeaky”

Spring Clean uses a non ammoniated glass cleaner and it is safe for all glass. When we clean windows inside and out , glass block showers or walls, and  large mirrors  Spring Clean uses a special gel formulated to let the squeegee slide easy over the surface to be  cleaned and then we towel dry edges of the glass.  It leaves no streaks.

The cleanng of the glass is not obvious when the house sweats or after a nice hot steamy shower. ..

We just love the results!

Ms. Squeaky got her nick name from running her finger over the windows, glass blocks, mirrors and doors looking for the squeak from the glass, not only glass she likes to hear the crystal hum that is sitting at the table.

I remember one occasion  I asked her “What are you doing”?  She said “checking to see if it is clean “.  “This is  all news to me”I replied,  I just judge the overall appearance , but it is Squeaky’s test of a perfect clean.

We all know that our beloved pets can  mess up a sliding glass door in a heart beat along with the little kiddies that come for a visit and we serve cake and ice cream.

When we come to  clean we always do at least one set of sliders each time we come, regardless of how many you have. (Rotation)

Entry glass doors are cleaned too!




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