“Home of Moppy”

SN852099“Moppy” has taken the drudgery of mopping and turned it into “The Art of Mopping” through experience, repetition and the application of the right floor cleaner.

After we have thoroughly vacuumed or swept your floors, “Moppy” insists on using a clean mop head at each home and Moppy insists on using a floor cleaner that is PH Neutral and No Rinse; PH Neutral Janitorial No Rinse Floor Cleaner.

At Spring Clean, we have several methods of cleaning floors but find that the old-fashioned mop bucket and wringer will never go out of style.

We use several types of mop heads depending on your floor’s surface, including our newest mop head that is made of micro fiber. Micro fiber does an excellent job regardless of the type of flooring. Micro fiber is like a dirt magnet, attracting dirt from a deep level. The micro fiber mop head can be wrung out to a nearly dry state, which allows the floor to dry more quickly, leaving it clean and streak free.

Call and make your appointment today with “Moppy” so she can do the work for you!


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