Spring Clean aims to please and exceed your expectations!



With your help we can customize a personal cleaning plan to fit your needs and your budget. Based on the variables involved to get the job done and done right.

We are Earth and Pet Friendly and “Clean Driven”…Our destination is “EXCELLENCE”.




Spring Clean Services


  • Weekly ( Almost like family )
  • Bi Weekly (Every other Week)
  • Monthly ( We call and schedule around the same time each month while we are in your area )
  • Move in (Make ready for you to put your belongings away)
  • Move out ( Help take the strain off of moving )
  • Project cleaning (Plant shelves, Garages, Inside curio cabinets )
  • Seasonal (Check ins on home while away)
  • Rentals ( Real estate requirements )
  • Windows (Ground floor only) Specials offered in the Spring.



  • Three times a week
  • Weekly
  • Bi Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Windows (Ground floor only)
  • Cleaning Maintenance Service Agreement ( Available )
  • Clean glass tops, mirrors, and bright work with pre treated micro fiber towel
  • Clean one set of sliders with window washer bucket and squeegee and entry door.
  • Clean exterior appliances (microwave in and out),
  • Clean tubs, showers, toilets…..
  • Dust fans and lights
  • Dust mini blinds
  • Dust sills and window frames interior.
  • Dust furnishings and wipe exposed areas with pre treated micro fiber cloth
  • Dust baseboards with  a swiffer (exposed only)
  • Empty Trash and replace can liner. Put in trash receptacle.
  • Sanitize and spot clean exterior only of cabinets (kitchen and baths)
  • Spot clean light switches and electrical outlets
  • Vacuum and deodorize carpet.
  • Vacuum or sweep hard surfaces (tile, linoleum, wood flooring) and mop clean with     neutral floor cleaner.

Scheduled/ Periodic / Extras/ Add Ons

( Spring Cleaning by Estimate Only!)

  • Baseboards vacuumed and wiped with cleaner.
  • Doors vacuumed and wiped with cleaner.
  • Ceiling fans vacuumed and wiped, wash globes.
  • Clean light globes.
  • Clean additional sliders.
  • Vacuum furniture, fabric shades, mouldings, plant shelves, and valances, under area rugs, and vents.
  • Wash Walls or spot clean…
  • Windows (ground floor only and must have access)
  • Sweep porch or garage.
  • Refrigerator cleaned in and out.
  • Stove cleaned in and out.


When the home is on our cleaning schedule… each month we try and incorporate an additional task this is to double check our work  so we can Spring Clean all year long.

Examples:     ( This schedule is not set in stone and is subject to change. It is just to give you the idea of what some of the extras we do incorporate each month while cleaning your home)

January            All Mirrors cleaned with window cleaning tools.

February          Backs of Dressers and Head boards vacuumed.

March                Stove Drawers pulled out and cleaned under.

April                   Swiffer out from inside the kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets.

May                    All Doorknobs and Light switches wiped with disinfectant.

June                   Molding Damp wiped with cleaner.

July                    Bathroom detail ( tub fronts, cap tiles, shower curtain rods damp wipe)

August              Edge cleaning on carpeted areas.

September      Magic Sponge scuffs on doors and baseboards.

October           All Cushions checked and vacuumed if needed.

November      Hard floor corner checked if needed damp wiped out.

December       Assist where we can for holidays.



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