Commercial Cleaning

I can understand how the extra cleaning expense may have been slashed from the budget in these uncertain economic times; however, Spring Clean wants to help you by keeping your work environment in good condition for you, your staff and most importantly; your clients.

At Spring Clean we can customize a cleaning schedule for each office environment we service. Each work environment has it own personal needs. Your office may require more than once a week cleaning. Listed below is an example of weekly general cleaning for a small office environment.




  • Vacuum mats, throw rugs and put back
  • Empty waste baskets and cans; replace with new liner, if needed.
  • Spot clean walls, doors and switches.
  • Vacuum all carpet areas and deodorize
  • Clean all front lobby glass and doors (rotation of all other doors)
  • Sweep or dry mop and mop floors.
  • Damp wipe or spot clean light switches in kitchen area and clean counter-top,scour out sink and polish bright work.
  • Wipe exterior of appliances (Microwave in and out)
  • Damp wipe all tables tops and spot clean on chairs


  • Clean sink, toilet and urinals using a sanitizer
  • Damp wipe cabinet tops and side
  • Spot clean stalls
  • Stock and fill dispensers (Paper, Soap, Tissue, Air freshener and batteries, etc.)
  • Polish bright work (mirrors, chrome, faucets)
  • Sweep and mop floors


If initial cleaning is not applicable, than we work these tasks into “The Clean” as we move through the work, on average cleaning one category each month, working from the top to bottom of the building. Then “The Clean” is based on a building inspection.

  • High dusting (vents, grills, mouldings, window frames, picture frames, partitionstops of file cabinets, ledges, printers, window frame and sills).
  • Spot clean (Trash cans, doors, refrigerator top, light switches)
  • Damp wipe (Phones, lamps, office equipment, etc.)
  • Vacuum (chairs, corners, under keyboards, computer backs, wires, baseboards)
  • Clean, and/or  clean and polish (Water fountains, kick plates and handrails)
  • Exterior entrance sweep or blow off as needed.

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